4 Elements to Look for SWMS for Concreting

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An SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement is a document that outlines all the hazards and risks of a job that are considered to be acceptable risks. If you are in need of SWMS or are working on one, here are the following components to look for SWMS for concreting includes:

  1. Identification of any high-risk construction work or activities – Construction work is often inherently dangerous, so companies often seek to protect themselves by hiring independent contractors (IC). ICs are responsible for their own safety, however. An IC’s contract may identify high-risk construction work or activities as an important component of an SWMS. All types of construction and activities often pose hazards, including work involving heights, excavation, welding, hot work, explosives, and aerial work.
  2. Specification of potential hazards related to the identified high-risk work – At present, safety is one of the important components that are an essential part of all industrial activities, which are concerned with making man and the environment safe. Hazards and health and safety risks are to be considered while designing, operating, or constructing industrial machinery, equipment, plants, systems, structures, or conveyances. As an essential part of safety management, they are to be assessed and considered.
  3. Description and implementation of risk control measures – All Safety Manual should contain Control Measures because, without them, the Safety Manual is nothing more than a piece of paper. Control Measures (CM) are a series of controls that act to protect workers and other personnel from harm. Control Measures are a critical part of good health and safety practices and should be implemented as an integral component of the Safety Manual.
  4. Guidelines on how control measures will be introduced – SWMS provides guidelines for all the safety and health measures to be followed while working on a project. This document serves as a guide for all workers to follow and therefore helps to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety and health of workers.

An SWMS is a legal requirement for many work sites, but it is just as important for small businesses. By ensuring an SWMS is created, you can make sure your workers are protected. If you want to look for SWMS for concreting, you can count on Construction Safety Shop.