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Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition Finalists Announced!

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation commenced an international architectural design competition in June 2014 for the new Museum in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. The final 6 designs were announced in December 2014 and the winner will be unveiled this June. The designs are so amazing we cannot wait until June to find out! Who
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Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus to Open in 2015

Cutting in half travel time between Hong Kong and Guangzhou from 100 minutes to a mere 48 minute trip, a new express rail link is set to be completed this year and it will be the largest high speed rail link terminal in the world. Designed by Andrew Bromberg of international architecture company Aedas, the
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The 15 Minute Vacation

Are rentable balconies the new thing? According to designer Goetz Schrader of Duesseldorf, Germany they could be. His ideas were released in February 2014, where he promoted his ideas as the ’15 Minute Vacation.’ It is so simple, so unique, and functional that one may question why these balconies are not available for hire in
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Immersive installation lets visitors explore a surreal indoor forest

Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have created an immersive art installation currently on view at the Swedish Contemporary Arts Museum. They gathered local wood and flax and compiled them to make towering “trees” indoors. Visitors to the museum can explore the minimal design forest, weaving through the forms. “We found the inspiration in nature,” said Humberto
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Sou Fujimoto to create House of Hungarian Music at new Budapest museum park

Sou Fujimoto is one of three architects that have been selected to design buildings for a Hungarian museum complex in Budapest’s City Park. Sou Fujimoto‘s design for the House of Hungarian Music was selected via an anonymous competition process to become one of five new museums planned for a park just outside Budapest’s city centre. The scheme is
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Confusing cube architecture designed to look wedged in the Earth

If an other-worldly home was hurling through space and crash-landed on Earth in Slovakia, this is what it would look like – A big modern metal cube wedged into the desolate landscape. This concept building called the ‘Kezmarska Hut’ was designed by Atelier 8000 for an international competition with the goal of designing a lodge located high
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Canadian Cave Sauna

Canadian architectural firm Partisans has not only designed a sauna with a stunning outlook, it has created a subtle hand crafted masterpiece The recently installed a sauna on a private island north of Toronto has smooth rounded wooden panels that looks like a reinterpretation of a sea cave, or grotto. The beautiful sauna was pre-fabricated
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This year’s top 5 architecture photographs are breathtaking

The winners of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards have been chosen, and they include a stunning selection of shots. We see a swooping steel building against a crisp blue sky of twilight. We see a subtle monochromatic interior contrasting against a single human form. We see a twisting tower breaking through the low-lying clouds.
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Inception Chair – mind your step

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Vivian Chu cleverly plays with perspective to create a chair that recedes into an infinite distance – or at least it looks like it. How did she do it? Inside the frame of the chair lie progressively smaller chairs. Each chair can be placed inside one another, sort of like a
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Darling Harbour is coming alive with the International Convention Centre a year into construction

January 2015 has marked the anniversary of the first year of the construction of Darling Harbour Live; Sydney’s 2.5 billion dollar project. A year into construction, the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is on schedule and it set to be completed in the late of 2016, whilst the overall twenty hectare precinct around the
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Bunk down into honeycomb sleeping cell

When you’re at a week-long music festival, the last thing you want to do is stay in a regular hotel. You want to be as close as possible to all the action! That’s why there’s a new BnB on the block, calling itself B-And-Bee. Designed like honeycomb, these sleeping cells were designed by Compaan and
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Cliff Hanger home – sleep above the ocean on a cliff

This is a home for the true thrill seeker. Australian design firm Modscape has conceptualized this insane looking abode located literally on the side of a cliff. We are not talking “oh, this house has a nice view of the ocean…” No, this design is literally hovering above the rocks and water! For now, the ‘The Cliff
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An Apartment Behind Bars

Woon Tai Ho, an art collector and critic, had a dream to live in a work of art. He dreamed to live in a home that was unique, a world of his own which allowed him to marvel at art daily. Singapore design firm PRODUCE took on board Tai Ho’s project and created Ho’s masterpiece. The project
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David Chipperfield Bally Boutique

Bally’s London flagship store by David Chipperfield Architects

The flagship boutique on Bond St in London for luxurious Swiss accessories brand Bally has recently been completed by architect David Chipperfield. This was his first project for Bally. Inspiration for the 400 square foot store was sought from the Modernist architect Marcel Breuer who designed in the 1920s for the Bally brand. Archived photos
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Amazing Lego Architecture 4

Four Amazing Lego Architecture Projects

Unleash your inner child, Bookmarc has scoured the web for  the greatest Lego Architecture … all made made from plastic blocks! See image above. This boardroom table was pushed together with 22, 742 original, plastic pieces of Lego. Brick by brick it was created with bare hands  (the traditional way of construction) by abgc for
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