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Top 5 Hotels to Visit in 2015!

The minimum Hotel checklist: Bed Wifi Clean Bathroom Smiling staff So I’m guessing what else would you like to ask for in a hotel? Well, allow me to address that for you. A hotel is simply so much more than a place for you to rest your head after a day’s adventure. It is embellished as
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Morocco will be the new home to Africas tallest building

Multinational architecture firm Valode & Pistre are set to tackle a new project heading into construction in 2015. This  mixed-use tower will be built in Morocco’s biggest city Casablanca and is set to become Africa’s tallest building. This 114-storey skyscraper will occupy 25 hectares and will contain a seven star hotel, business central, retail shops
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Egg-shaped Polystyrene Cabins

The next time you go to the beach in Korea, you should keep a keen eye out for these egg-shaped polystyrene cabins. Korean studio Yoon Space Design has installed eight portable ovoid pods to serve as outdoor cabins, along the beach in the Kangwon-do province of South Korea. These little egg-shaped polystyrene cabins named Albang,
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How to create a Glow in the Dark table

It’s time to put those long hours in woodshop class to work! Mike Warren of Dollar Store Crafts created this alien-like glow-in-the-dark table, and he shared the process on how to make one over on Instructables. You’ll need a plank of cypress wood, photoluminescent powder, resin, woodworking tools, and of course, DIY know-how. Basically, Mike
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Farming Kindergarten

Vietnam has historically been an agriculturally driven nation facing changes as it moves towards a manufacturing based economy, which has taken a toll on the environment. With rapid urbanisation, it has resulted in increasing droughts, flood and motorbikes causing daily congestion and air pollution. This has deprived many Vietnamese children of green lands and playgrounds,
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Hug your couch?

Yes – its true, now you can hug your couch and wrap it around you and curl into a ball. Interior design is evolving into an emotional attachment literally. For all those people who like the intimacy of another person but get too easily irritated by them, there’s a new sofa on the market. It’s
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Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

Peter Pichler Architecture have completed some holiday rental homes, surrounded by an apple orchard, near Bolzano, Italy. The site of the project is located in the midst of apple orchards close to Bolzano, north Italy, and is surrounded by the spectacular mountains of the dolomites. The client, who lives in a farmhouse of the 60s
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Double Century House

Entries open for twentieth BDAV Building Design Awards

Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) is calling on the state’s best building designers to celebrate a significant milestone for the industry and enter its 20th BDAV Building Design Awards. The annual BDAV Building Design Awards, presented by Australia’s largest industry association representing design professionals, recognise and showcase creativity and excellence in building design in
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Projecting Android bracelet turns your wrist into a touchscreen

The big question in tech at the moment seems to be: How can we get these dang computers out of our hands and pockets for optimal convenience? This has given rise to wearable tech trends that have been cool, but ultimately underwhelming and impractical. The people behind this prototype bracelet, though, called Cicret bracelet just may be onto something.
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Chandelier that illuminates your mind

A chandelier is just a chandelier you might think – well let this particular fancy chandelier illuminate your mind. Dubbed the Wersailles, this chandelier is perched six metres above the ground and features 91 porcelain candleholders suspended in the air. The entire sculpture is three metres high and instead or real candles (think wax dripping on
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Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design have designed a colorful boxy exterior for the Nakaaoki Branch of the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo, Japan. The site is located on the corner of major intersection, where there is a frequent movement of cars, bicycles and people. Taking this unique location as a characteristic, the facade is designed to
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Let’s see you try to leave an awkward dinner conversation with this! To reinforce good table manners, Dutch designer Marleen Jansen has come up with ‘De Tafelwip’, a table set with see-saw seating that makes sure you don’t abruptly leave, lest you want your partner to fall down. With the onset of dinner table distractions
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Tear Drop Chair

Japanese designer Keita Suzuki has created a rather unusual-yet thought-provoking-chair design. The Tear Drop Chair is a free-form design that is filled with 64 litres of water. Why that exact amount of water? It’s supposed to signify the average volume of tears a human being will shed during their lifetime. Sixty-four litres is a lot
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Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre

The Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre hold out hope for an unlikely and uninteresting neighborhood. If it’s true that location is everything, Toronto’s Ismaili Centre and Aga Khan Museum have nothing. Situated near a dreary suburban intersection in the city’s North End, the recently completed complex is the last thing you’d expect to find
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Melbourne-based developer Golden Age Group has unveiled its latest project, The Emerald, a rippling jewel located in a prime position between the Shrine of Remembrance and Albert Park Lake. With expansive views of the Royal Botanic Gardens, glittering CBD skyline and shimmering waters of Port Phillip Bay, The Emerald brings to life Golden Age Group’s
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