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Easy assemble furniture by AVO Studios

While flat-pack furnitures are mobile, cheap and convenient, they are still a hassle to put together. There is no need for confusing instructions or awkward tools when assembling AVO Studio’s new furniture pieces. Consisting of a coffee table, stool and side table, these pieces don’t require tools, like screws, to assemble or disassemble. The individual parts
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New design installation announced for State Library

Queensland State Library is delighted to announce a team from global design and consulting firm Woods Bagot will deliver the inaugural APDL Connect Project installation. The APDL Connect Project, a new initiative of State Library’s Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL), gives designers from the Asia Pacific region an opportunity to develop and display their work
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billboard home

Billboard Homes

An Architectural firm in Slovakia, has designed homeless shelters through the use of billboard objects and their advertisement spaces. Project Gregory, which would convert Slovakia’s traditional triangle shaped billboards into living spaces for the homeless. The living space will be complete with bathrooms, kitchens, and beds. The same electricity that is used to light the
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sky art

Art Architecture by Thomas Lamadieu

Thomas Lamadieu is a French photographer, illustrator, and artist. He takes aerial shots of inspirational architecture then creates playful illustrations using Microsoft paint. This really does change the way we look at architecture. I for one am guilty of looking only what is ahead and not of what is above. Lamadieu makes us appreciate architecture from
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google japan

Bookmarc’s top four creative offices

Creative industry no longer work in conventional office spaces. Employers now realise that creative surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees’ creativity. To help stir the creative juices of their employees, creative agencies are now designed to ensure the creativity never stops. Take a look at our top four sensational creative offices, which
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Transparent House by Do Ho Suh

Korean artists, Do Ho Suh uses silk and nylon to create ethereal copies of buildings – including homes he has lived in – carefully constructed to exact measurements of the real-life place. Site-specific sculptures and individual appliances from the artist’s homes have been featured along side his transparent house. Do Ho Suh literally sews the
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Das Park Hotel

Like no other hotel you ever visited, the Das Park Hotel in Austria allows guests to experience what it is like living inside a drainpipe. The weird hotel is situated in a public park along the Danube River. Inside each drainpipe is a double bed that comes with a sleeping bag and a wool blanket,
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All Saints Chapel by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados

Located in the city of Martinho Campos, in a traditional Minas Gerais farm, the All Saints Chapel was built as a gift to a friend and his family. Surrounded by green, the volume made in concrete, stone and wood rests quietly on the land and establishes a dialogue with nature, men and the divine. Its
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The 24 House by Dane Design Australia

Great example of thoughtful contemporary home designed by Dane Design Australia. Set on a deep frontage, the home includes a beautiful and functional sunken sitting area looking out onto the pool.   The roofing was clad in timber with other finishes such as concrete, natural stones and dominating glass. The 24 House by Dane Design
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Spilled coffee lamp? by Yeongwoo Kim

Spilled coffee lamp? by Yeongwoo Kim

Great example of an artist thinking outside of the cup (we had to say it..). Switch on the lamp and it literally floods and pours light down and beyond. The splash base is very cool and certainly would fantastic in a hotel, funky cafe or a decorative piece in a designer home. Let us know
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Australia’s New Style of Bar Catering

Picture this: It is Friday and you have had a long week working nine until five. You haven’t caught up with your friends in a while because life is simply just too busy. You ring your friends and organise a night out for social drinks. You want to choose somewhere nice, somewhere a just little bit
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Ikea’s flat-pack refugee shelters

Ikea is currently producing 10,000 of its flat-pack temporary shelter for refugees made homeless due to conflict and natural disasters. The Ikea Foundation will be supplying Better Shelter units to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which will be distributed globally to displaced families later in the year. Ikea Foundation has discussed how democratic designed
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Pearl Bay Residence

Australia-based Gavin Maddock Design Studio designed this coastal house in South Africa. It is located in the harbor town of Yzerfontein, 90 kilometres up the western coast of Cape Town. Pearl bay Residence was designed as a holiday home for a client who would eventually retire to this spot. This modern house has maximised their
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Hogwarts Architecture – Design School in China

Did you not receive your acceptance letter to Hogwarts? It most likely would’ve just gotten lost along the way to your mailbox- but don’t fret, because you can still attend Hogwarts (it won’t be through Hogwarts Express Train, but a 11 hour flight to Hebei, China). Hebei Academy of Fine Arts in China has been
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The Future of the Architecture of Museums

It is fitting that the architecture of museums – whether they be art galleries, exhibitions, and science or history museums – are masterpieces in themselves. Museums are regarded as cultural artefacts as they hold time capsules of our past, present and future societies. Overtime, as technologies and economies boom, the design of museums are becoming
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