Coworking Space In Australia

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The nature of work has drastically changed over the years in big and small towns of Australia. This change of work has necessitated for coworking space in Australia for large and small businesses. Apart from being cheaper, a shared office space provides a platform where freelance and remote workers can meet, collaborate, and discuss various issues. In particular, startups find the idea of co-working space a real booster to their businesses by reducing the overall startup cost. Melbourne is the leading city in Australia in terms of co-working office spaces. JUSTCO company co-working space has come up to solve office space rental issues in several cities in Australia. Businesses are set to enjoy the following benefits when they seek assistance from JUSTCO co-working space companies.


1.Financial flexibility


Co-working office space is cheaper by more than fifty percent compared to conventional office renting. An entrepreneur gets an opportunity to make adjustments to his profit and loss statement depending on the business’s performance. The rent, which is a fixed expense in traditional office renting, becomes a variable cost in co-working office design. Traditionally, a lease for an office would still drain the business income regardless of the number of employees, and the profit or loss the business is making. With co-working, an entrepreneur can retain the crucial staff alone when the company is in recession and reduce rental expenses.


2.Incresed networking


Our company co-working office space ensures that you enjoy the maximum ambiance in our shared dining halls, kitchen, and office desks. Meeting people from different areas and sharing ideas while doing business leads to innovation and boosting businesses. The shared facilities act as team building platforms and social networking hubs.


3.Value added services


We employ community managers, community cleaners, as well as a competent team of receptionists who make sure that your clients are happy. All these services are value-added, unlike in the conventional office rent model, where you have to hire cleaners, managers, and receptionists who end up increasing your business running costs.


4.Extra facilities and amenities


Co-working does not mean space and furniture alone. We have multiple amenities like gym rooms, wine on tap, meditation rooms, sleeping pods, and games rooms to make our working environment more conducive. All these facilities are there to please our clients, and we provide them as a bonus.


5.Improved productivity


Gone are days when offices were dens of boredom and silence. Our Co-working includes such facilities as boardrooms, where our clients can hold private meetings or hold business conferences and presentations. Clients can also enjoy the facilities for conducting business training and take their time to meditate in our quiet private rooms. Our main aim is to see businesses grow to the next level by making our clients and their employees more productive.

Events and knowledge sharing


At JUSTCO, host several events at our co-working spaces where various presenters offer training on numerous subjects like finance and business management. All these are beneficial to our clients. The morning breakfast and after-work drinks that business owners and employees at our premises help foster partnership and motivate them.




We have come to realize that people like working in an office where they can chat, make jokes, feel the smell of coffee, and listen to some cool music. That is what exactly our clients enjoy while working at our rental spaces. The synergy that comes with this kind of environment has no comparison.


Comfort and Ergonomics


We invest in the right furniture and fittings in our offices that comply with health and safety guidelines. Our co-working spaces give the maximum comfort where you can work for long hours without hurting your back. Our community cleaners make sure that you work in a clean environment with their regular cleaning schedules.