How to pick the right digital marketing agency

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More people are using the internet to search for information, for shopping and other activities, since it is convenient and affordable. Hence most businesses are realizing that if they do not market their business online, they will loose out on orders and leads. Since these businesses do not have skilled and experienced staff for doing digital marketing work in house, they will it find cost effective to outsource digital marketing to a specialized agency. Some tips on how to pick the right digital marketing agency for branding, sales and lead generation are provided to help businesses of all sizes.


Before searching for a marketing agency, the business should first decide why it requires the digital agency. In some cases, especially for consumer and food products, the customers will be mainly purchasing the items from the local retail store, and the business is advertising online mainly for branding. In other cases, the business provides services like plumbing, roof repairs, so it wishes to generate more leads through the website. Increasingly websites are also selling their products and services online, so for some businesses increasing the number of online sales is also important.

While social media and advertising is used for branding businesses, for generating leads and sales, the marketing agency should improve the search engine ranking of the business website using search engine optimization (SEO). Pay per per click advertising is also considered effective for generating leads, especially for new websites. Depending on the budget for digital marketing, the business can hire a digital agency for providing one service or multiple marketing services. Hence one of the factors which should be considered while purchasing a digital agency is the range of marketing services it provides.

Like other service providers, it is also advisable to check the reviews of the digital agency before taking a decision. Most well established digital agencies have a large number of reviews posted online on social media and other websites. Big companies with a large marketing budget can afford to hire the top rated digital agencies, while startups and small businesses with a lower budget may have to find a digital agency who will charge lower fees. Some digital agencies will bill the customer monthly based on work done, while other may charge their customers, based on the results which are obtained like number of leads, orders generated. So depending on the marketing goals, a suitable agency can be selected.