New mum gifts you should know

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New mum gifts are perfect for the new mum that has several sleep-deprived, grumpy days. This post will cover some ideal gifts for new mums.


What to buy for a new mum?

1) Baby shoes

Variations in foot shape can cause many problems for a baby, including the discomfort. This is the reason why most doctors recommend new babies wear soft-soled shoes instead of going barefoot.


2) Baby sling

A sling is an item of wearing apparel that holds a baby close to the body and allows both hands to be free for work or errands. They are extremely helpful when you’re out with your little one and need a hand for other tasks.

3) Newborn hat

A Baby’s head is believed to be very soft and is still growing. A new baby has very delicate skin and thus it is recommended that you cover their heads with soft, smooth materials. You may opt for knitted caps, made of basketry or felt hats.


4) Baby clothes

Newborns’ clothes can be customized according to the season they live in. This way you can get a cute outfit if your baby is a girl and a winter outfit for the newborn boy.


5) Babygro

A babygro is a comfortable, soft cotton fabric that comes in various designs and colours, including matching stripes and tiny animals. Babygro is perfect to keep a child warm while sleeping on cold winter days. These are made from 100% cotton fabric.


6) Bedding

Usually, newborn babies are still in the hospital so they usually sleep with their covers on. A baby can’t sleep on any other surface but the mattress. If you have a new baby at home, you need to take care of his or her mattress.


7) Baby books

Baby Books or “The First Year” are not only for babies but also for parents. The newest edition of this book is a must-have and is worth buying for your new baby.



New mum gifts are special, so it’s hard to pin down what you should and shouldn’t buy. The safest bets are baby gifts Asutralia. If you’re not sure if the new mum has what she needs, a gift card is always appreciated and useful.