Aquabocci Architectural Drainage Systems Aquabocci Designer Drains represent a level of function and design that is unequalled in their price range and they are now available in Australia

We are industrial designers developing innovative drainage systems which are flexible, affordable and architecturally stunning. Our materials of choice are anodized alloy and PVC plastic for their strength, low maintainence and a long life cycle. As a result of our product innovation aquabocci drains and grateshave been used on many of Europe’s high profile public and residential projects.

Practical and affordable drainage Our drainage products are easy to install, connect directly with all standard plumbing fittings and all our products have the Watermark certificate required for plumbing products.

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Search aluminium windows & doors, awnings, designer Kitchens, facade design & doors, plasterboard

Bookmarc is an online architectural product library for professionals from the Design & Construction industry. Bookmarc’s virtual library lists over hundreds of brands, thousands of products, specifications, CAD files and BIM content. You will be able to find it faster online through Bookmarc.

Why Bookmarc?

Bookmarc advertises its services to 12000+ specifiers per week. That’s a staggering statement considering we have only been around since October 2011. Developed to service the needs of specifiers, architects, interiors, landscape architects & builders in sourcing building & design products in one familiar site.

Quick Facts
:: 12000+ subscribers & its growing weekly
:: 700+ product manufacturers advertising
:: Cost effective media advertising

Most popular categories frequently searched are; aluminium windows & doors, louvres, glass, kitchen appliances, decorative surfaces, timber decking, tiles, design services, film, signage, kitchen hardware, door hardware, awnings…

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iSelect for Business Insurance

What is iSelect?


iSelect is an Australian comparison engine for all forms of insurance, financial services, and utilities. The website can assist users in making significant savings. In this article, we will look at iSelect business insurance premiums.


What is business insurance?


Business insurance is an all-embracing term for the variety of insurance needs that businesses will require. This will include the following types of policies.


Professional indemnity insurance

As professional offering products and services, you are expected to know what you are doing, and if a customer suffers some kind of loss in the course of your supply of those services, or following the advice you provide, they will possibly sue, and this can be very expensive indeed. Taking out insurance to cover that risk is essential for any small business.


Cyber liability insurance

Today, in every industry, we rely more on our computer data than ever before, and disruption or loss of that data can destroy a business very quickly. Cyber liability insurance is a way of reducing the risk of financial damage caused by data breaches.


Personal accident insurance

As a self-employed person, an injury that could potentially cause you to be unable to work for weeks could cost you a lot of money. Adequate personal accident insurance is a must if you want a total piece of mind.


Tradesperson insurance

This is very much like business liability insurance, and as the name suggests, it is more targeted at tradespeople. Possessing Public liability insurance is sometimes specified by companies employing tradespeople.


What are the benefits of having insurance for your business?


  • Provides property damage cover. …
  • It provides bodily injury cover. …
  • It helps promotes continuity of business.
  • Covers for false advertising liability. …
  • It helps minimize financial losses. …
  • Peace of mind. …
  • Protects the business image.
  • Coverage for lawsuits and settlements. …

Using the iSelect tool


Using the tool on iSelect is very simple. Simply go to iSelect site and choose the business insurance section from the drop-down” and then click business insurance from the drop-down menu. Type in your profession and continue to answer the questions. It is simple!


iSelect will find you a competitive quote for your particular requirements.



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