About: An award-winning designer and manufacturer of folding, sliding, locking and screening systems for windows and doors with a reputation for excellence. more

Centor has a firm commitment to delivering innovative products that delight our customers by expanding and improving living spaces. Since 1951, Centor has been focused on providing the very best products in the window and door industry. With locations in Australia, USA, Europe and China and employing more than 140 people worldwide, Centor has grown to international success.

Developing the first patented system for weather-sealing folding doors, Centor revolutionised modern architecture by allowing folding doors to be used in external applications for the first time. 

In order for people to fully enjoy the large openings created by Centor’s folding door technology, Centor developed the S1E Eco-Screen, a world-first retractable insect screen for bi-fold doors. Centor’s S1E screen opens and closes with just the touch of a fingertip and is capable of protecting openings up to 3.2m high and 7.6m wide. The insect screen completely retracts into the doorjamb when not in use, preserving the uninterrupted views of the bi-fold doors.

In another design unique to Centor, the S1E screens can also be combined with blind material in a single unit. Centor blinds offer privacy, UV protection and thermal insulation, and can also double as a projection screen.

Centor also offers a range of sliding door systems and locking devices.


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