What do People Feed Race Horses

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Australia is one of the most advanced countries in the whole world, but that doesn’t mean that they still don’t count with some good old fashioned activities like the case of horse racing, which is something that is always well enjoyable depending on the situation and time of the year, however, this is from the point of view of a spectator, as the actual owner of the race horse will have a more difficult time because as you might know it, maintaining a horse is not easy at all, and when we are talking about a race horse, then the situation could be even more difficult as they need to be in an extreme diet that grants all the required nutrients and vitamins to keep them safe and strong as ever, so stay tuned to discover what do people feed to race horses to learn something new.


What do People Feed Race Horses?

Horse racing feed. As you might already know it, race horses are a difficult kind of horse to maintain healthy because due to their constant running and exercise, they tend to develop some health issues if they’re not fed properly or if they have overweight, that’s why professional trainers and owners of race horses have been very strict with their feeding time and measures as miscalculations could cost a lot of time and effort, so you really don’t want to mess this up.


The first food that will be consumed by race horses is the traditional and classic grass hay that is more than enough to give them something good and solid to eat through the day without worrying about not giving them the required vitamins and nutrients to maintain the body as strong and healthy as ever and when it comes to measures, 15 to 20lb (or 7 to 9kg) of grass hay per day will be more than enough, giving less would be critical in terms of lacking nutrients and giving more could develop health issues in the future.


Finally, this is something that most people tend to ignore but you should start doing it if you have a race horse because the results of received vitamins and nutrients are worth it, giving smaller alfalfa hay could be something that will boost your horse capacities and resistance gradually over time, but you want to make sure that you only give 2 to 4 lb per day because this is something more like a supplement to boosting and combining the nutrients of the grass hay with something else to obtain even better results, this will cover the intake and it will help to prevent gastric ulcers and colics in the long run.


Is This the Best Way of Feeding a Race Horse?

Not all horses are equally, and that is something that everyone should know, but when it comes to giving or feeding the previous measures, nothing and should happen, it’s more like the opposite, you should start seeing some good benefits over the pass of time while following this diet system, and remember, giving more or fewer quantities could cause problems, so take your time in measuring everything and don’t mess with the quantities, miscalculations could be fatal.