Caldera by Rogerseller – a collapsed volcanic form by Rogerseller

Comments Rogerseller 21-04-2017

Inspired by the irregular shapes that result from earth’s greatest enigmatic processes, Caldera basins are the latest addition of nature-inspired products by Rogerseller.

True to its name, Caldera basins mimic the shape that’s created when a volcanic crater is formed after the collapse of an emptied magma chamber. Characterised by expressed crisp peaks that plunge into an elegant depression below the earth’s surface, the shape lends itself perfectly to semi-inset installations.

The collection represents two varying organic Caldera forms, one comprising of an elongated asymmetric oval shape, and the other rectangular in geometry.

“Caldera by Rogerseller marks a new era of innovative in-house design that testifies the commitment to superior design and quality we’ve held for the last 120 years. Our past has not only prepared us for this exciting new journey, but forms part of our inspiration to continue innovating day after day,” says Rogerseller Brand Manager Tanya Sharpe.

Caldera by Rogerseller is available in white engineered Ceramilux as well as Bianco Carrara or Emperador Grey carved from solid marble slabs, and comes complete with a matching free flow waste.

The range is currently on display at all Rogerseller showrooms.

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