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Jeff Dominikovich never imagined he would be in charge of one of the country’s fastest growing integrated commercial landscaping companies when he was earning as little as  seven dollars a week mowing lawns as a uni student in the 80s. Today, as Managing Director of GLG GreenLife Group - which has rebranded from Grounds & Gardens - Jeff is the driving force behind a $25 million a year business boasting a growing national footprint with multi-million dollar contracts located throughout the country.

“With a passion for servicing Australia’s open space landscapes, we will continue to build, maintain and sustain innovative commercial and urban landscape developments, significant wetland features, revegetation and landscaping initiatives that exemplify world’s best practice,” Jeff said.  “I am really excited by the way in which the marketplace is realising how important the landscape is in providing a more sustainable environment and we clearly see that it is our role to assist our clients with that process.

By 1995, Jeff had recognised a growing need for landscape maintenance, construction and project management services in the commercial sector, and the decision was made to pursue this avenue under his own steam. He established Grounds & Gardens, and what began as a small project management business, has since blossomed into a multi million-dollar contracting company offering a diverse range of open space landscape services to a variety of government and corporate clients across Australia including Sanctuary Cove, Telstra, Hansen Yunken, Theiss and Transfield Services.  Jeff says the company’s rapid growth and his determination to see GLG GreenLife Group become a leader in the open space contracting sector stems back to his early desire to get his hands dirty.

“I was more interested in starting my own business than learning about the complexities of horticultural physics and chemistry,” he said.

 “I had a burning ambition to get out there, work hard and build a business. In the early days that involved literally knocking on doors looking for the bigger contracts and finding great

people to help me manage and get the work done – it really has been a big team effort. We now employ over 150 people and even more subcontractors.” 

GLG GreenLife Group has not achieved its success without experiencing significant challenges. In 2006, the business had to withdraw from contracts that were losing significant amounts of money.

“Our focus is to manage landscapes as the valuable assets that they are and treat them with the respect they deserve. That’s why we will always go that extra step to employ credible and sound environmental principles so that the landscapes we work on are sustainable and will last well into the future.”


Originally known as Grounds & Gardens, GLG GreenLife Group has grown into one of Australia’s leading open space specialists, providing a diverse range of landscape construction, open space maintenance and project management services. With its strong environmental focus, GLG GreenLife Group applies its philosophy of “build, maintain and sustain” to all of its open space projects. GLG GreenLife Group’s services currently include landscape construction, grounds maintenance, environmental solutions, sports turf construction and maintenance, tree and vegetation management, weed control, broad acre grass slashing, and park and property maintenance. You can contact  at info@glgcorp.com

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