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Comments Bookmarc 12-05-2011

The two additional finalists included PapeRock and International Leak Detection (ILD) for their sustainable and innovative new product ideas.

PapeRock is a non-toxic, incredibly strong composite building material made from layer upon layer of paper (recycled or from sustainable sources) and bonded with phenolic resin. The material is then heat/pressure cured. It is sourced and manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned company and the material is workable by any trained carpenter with normal wood working tools.

PapeRock is impervious to water, heat resistant up to 180 degrees and is so strong  that a 20mm benchtop can be cantilevered to 460mm. It is ideal for:

  • Kitchen benches
  • Food preparation surfaces including cutting boards
  • Architectural materials
  • Industrial work surfaces
  • Furniture including table tops and chairs

International Leak Detection (ILD) became a Selector DesignBUILD Best New Product Award runner up with the launch of the revolutionary Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) system. The system is a low voltage test method that creates an electrical potential difference between a non-conductive membrane surface and a conductive substrate, which is earthed or grounded.

The ILD EFVM systems allow pinpointing of membrane breaches through a non-destructive process using  a very limited amount of water, especially when compared to traditional “flood” style leak detection processes.

International Leak Detection EFVM systems can be used on:

  • Garden roofs
  • Roofs with ballast and/or paving stones
  • Exposed membrane roofs
  • Insulated and non-insulated roof systems
  • Plaza deck roofs
  • Parking garages
  • Ponds/water container liners
  • Swimming pools

The DesignBUILD expo is open at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre until 5pm Friday including late night opening on Thursday until 8pm. Those interested in attending can view the full exhibitor list, new product listings, competitions and seminar timetable on the DesignBUILD website

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