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Comments Bookmarc 19-05-2011

There is more demand for innovation and inspiration in the building industry than ever before, evident with a nearly 20% increase in visitor numbers to Australia’s largest trade only design, building and construction expo.

Held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre last Wednesday – Friday, the DesignBUILD Sydney expo brought together industry leading experts, exhibitors and visitors.

There was plenty of innovation on show with Innovation Alley showcasing the top 40 brand new products, while the VEK Power Tools Pavilion had a constant supply of trades ready to test and trial the latest tools.

The Performax Builder’s Bar was also a huge success, particularly on Thursday’s late night opening and Friday lunch time and Exhibition Director Danielle Fischer said DesignBUILD 2011 had exceeded all expectations.

“Feedback from exhibitors and guests has been so positive. It seems DesignBUILD offered the perfect balance of information, inspiration and innovation

“We’re looking forward to returning the expo to Melbourne next year and creating the same opportunity and excitement there,” she said.

The team from i-Bond said they had run out of samples before the expo closed, as visitors were keen to take a little piece of the graffiti resistant, self cleaning nano-tec coated aluminium composite with them.

The crew at Concreate said the expo exceeded their expectations and many renowned architects and designers had been really impressed with the creative use of concrete for residential and commercial applications.

Traditional building materials are typically resource heavy, labour intensive and often expensive but as the visitors at DesignBUILD 2011 would be aware, there is plenty of building material innovation in the industry and the applications are as diverse as they are inspiring.

Consider exhibitor Stack Panel Australia with their Timber Feature Module. The company showcased its architectural timber walling product, which is:

  • Created from down cuts, wastage and recycled timber to create a timber look panel
  • Suitable for residential and commercial internal and external applications including feature walls, outdoor living spaces, cafes or showrooms.

The Woodage passport decking system is 100% recyclable and has excellent no fade colour retention, plus it is:

  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Boasts the highest fire rating
  • Can be used in full sun or covered areas
  • A great alternative to real exotic hardwood

Wedi building board can be an alternative carrier element when laying tiles, slabs and natural stone floor coverings. It is lightweight, durable, waterproof and its versatility is not limited by wooden or metal framework.

  • Can also be an adhesive substrate for applying plaster, tile adhesive and other materials while providing moisture protection and effective heating insulation
  • Easy installation, reducing labour and material costs

The 2011 Selector Best New Product Award winner PapeRock showcased the non-toxic, incredibly strong composite building material made from layer upon layer of paper (recycled or from sustainable sources) and bonded with phenolic resin. The material is then heat/pressure cured. It is sourced and manufactured in Australia by an Australian owned company and the material is workable by any trained carpenter with normal wood working tools.

PapeRock is impervious to water, heat resistant up to 180 degrees and is so strong that a 20mm benchtop can be cantilevered to 460mm. It is ideal for:

  • Kitchen benches
  • Food preparation surfaces including cutting boards
  • Architectural materials and industrial work surfaces
  • Furniture including table tops and chairs

The DesignBUILD expo 2011 is now closed and DesignBUILD 2012 will open at the Melbourne Convention &  Exhibition Centre 27 – 29 June, 2012.

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