Are 4×4 Wheels Expensive in Australia?

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Thanks to technological advancements in the automobile world, different powerful machines appeared in the market, being one of those the outstanding 4×4 vehicles, beasts that are capable of crossing trough almost any environment in the world, and due to that reason, they can be hard to maintain and get the right replacements for parts, especially in parts of the world like Australia where the prices for all imports are insanely higher in comparison to any other countries. One of the most important parts of the 4×4 vehicles is the wheels, but as it has been said before, they can be expensive in Australia, but is this really true? And why is this happening? Let’s discover that in today’s article, stay tuned to learn more.


Are 4×4 Wheels Expensive in Australia?

In simple words, yes, these 4×4 wheels are expensive in Australia if we compare the pricing with other countries, but there are multiple reasons why this is happening in this part of the world, and the fact that these special wheels are already expensive doesn’t make the situation easier, so it’s important to know the features that 4×4 have in common with their insanely large price.


Reason #1: Size of the Wheels.


Let’s be honest, if we compare the 4×4 wheels to traditional wheels we will see at the right moment that they are very different in size and weight, this is mainly because 4×4 vehicles need bigger wheels to reduce the impact of obstacles that can be found while driving these beasts on difficult environments that could be impossible to drive in for traditional vehicles for that reason, 4×4 wheels must be bigger, otherwise, the whole 4×4 feature would be pointless since the vehicle would get stuck in the first obstacle. However, in shipping and imports, it’s known that bigger is more expensive, so this is the main reason why 4×4 wheels Australia are so expensive in countries that rely on imports as a way of getting brand new technologies.


Reason #2: Material and Distance.


Luckily, not everything is thanks to the location of Australia, since 4×4 wheels can be expensive depending on the type of materials that were used for the production, in simple words, these wheels can be made of alloy or steel, being the first option the most expensive one and with difference. Ally is a lighter material, but it is partially stronger and it came with the heat-conducting feature, so if you see that some 4×4 wheels are expensive than others, maybe is for the usage of alloy for the manufacturing of the product.


Finally, like it has been stated in the first paragraph of the article, Australia is very far away from other countries that are top dealers in terms of wheels, and for that reason, imports will cost a lot more, and if we take the previous reasons such as the size and the premium materials, 4×4 wheels are indeed very expensive in Australia but don’t worry, this is changing at a fast pace thanks to multiple brands and companies that are doing their best to increase the range of 4×4 wheels operations around the world, so there is hope that the future will be better.